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Okinoshima Yohai spot

Because of the strict prohibition of crossing over to the “Sacred Island,” people from sites far and wide offered up all manner of thoughts and prayers from distance (worshipping from afar).
In addition to the Okitsumiya Yohaisho on Oshima, of which the World Heritage sites are comprised, there are many other distance worship sites established that still carry out festivals and religious functions today.
Also, Okinoshima can be seen from the islands of the Genkai Sea, the Kyushu mainland, and even as far away as Honshu main island of Japan.
Here, we introduce all sorts of historical distance worship sites, and spots to get a good distant view of Okinoshima.
If there are any Okinoshima distance worship sites that you’re aware of, please let us know, either by email or by posting on social media with the tag, “#むなかたアーカイブス.”
The well-received smart phone app that helps you discover Okinoshima, “Michibiki Okinoshima” is also available!

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