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Okinoshima Yohai spot

  • Suga
  • Suga
  • Suga
Name Suga Shrine
Classification Historical Worship Place
Address Tebika, Fukutsu-shi, Fukuoka
Overview At the shrine in Tebika, in the city of Fukutsu, there are altars for the special worship of Okinoshima Island on the shrine grounds. As a result of the spread of dysentery in 1890, the special worship of Okinoshima Island began to be carried out at the Takenoyama mountain pass that runs from Tebika to the ocean side of Tsuyazaki , and it’s said that the special worship place there was moved here.
Suga Shrine, dedicated to the god Susanowo and also called Gion Shrine, is said to be of benefit in the quelling of infectious diseases. On the shrine grounds here as well, a Shinmon gate erected in 1841 stands, bearing the framed words “Gion-miya.”
Okinoshima Island is not visible from the shrine grounds, but even now, local residents perform sacred rituals at the altar facing the direction of Okinoshima Island every year.
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