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Okinoshima Yohai spot

  • Worship
  • Worship
  • Worship
Name Worship place for Munakata Shrine Okitsu-miya
Classification Historical Worship Place
Address Ōshima, Munakata-shi,Fukuoka
Overview Established at the northernmost tip of Ōshima Island, about 48 kilometers away from Okinoshima Island, as a place to worship Okinoshima Island from afar. The building of Shinto shrine faces the direction of Okinoshima Island and acts as a worship hall with Okinoshima Island as its object of worship. These special worship places were established in its current location at least as far back as the beginning of the 18th century.
On clear days, Okinoshima is distinctly visible from here.
Because Okinoshima Island is not an easily approachable island, it was standard practice during the Edo period for the Shinto rituals of Okitsu-miya to be carried out here. Even today, the Okitsu-miya Grand Festivals are held here every Spring and Autumn, and the usually closed doors and windows of the building of Shinto shrine are opened, and Okinoshima Island is worshiped from afar.
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