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Cultural Properties of the Munakata Region

  • 宗像大菩薩御縁起/
Name Origin and History of Munakata DaiBosatsu (Great Bodhisattva of Munakata)
Survey year
Storage status
Excavated relics
Age 14th Century
Description After the Mongol Invasions, in the wake of the rise of the perception of Japan as land of the gods, based on the story of the Empress Jingu, extolling the virtues of the Munakata gods known as the guardian deities of national defense and coastal defense, this document, which was produced during the last years of the Kamakura period, is the basic origin of Munakata Shrine. Generally divided into a first half which describes the shrine’s origin and a latter half which lists main and subordinate shrines, the distribution of the locations of enshrined subordinates allows us to surmise the scale of the sphere of influence of the family of the Munakata Daigûji.
volume / scale / area 28.9x1683.3cm
Collection Munakata Shrine Collection
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