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Okinoshima Yohai spot

  • Ōshima
Name Ōshima Island Cannon Fort Site (Windmill Observation Deck)
Classification Okinoshima Island Observation Spot
Address 2797 Ōshima, Munakata-shi, Fukuoka
Overview From the cannon fort established on Ōshima Island in 1936 to preserve the ocean traffic route linking the Chinese continent and mainland Japan, one can view islands like Okinoshima Island directly ahead, Nagasaki’s Iki Island to the left, and Yamaguchi’s Futaoijima Island to the right.
On the sandhill of the northernmost point of Ōshima Island, in addition to the sites of four gun platforms for cannons that could shoot for more than 20 kilometers, the sites of observation posts, ammunition depots, searchlight hangars, power plant stations and other facilities of a Shōwa era coastal fort remain in their entirety, and are currently maintained as a park.
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