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Here we present photographic materials related to this property.
The photographs from the archeological excavations of Okinoshima that were carried out over three stages between 1954 and 1971 in particular, portray not only a visual record of the time, but also convey the consideration that went into religious practices, making them an incredibly valuable resource.
Additionally, the photographs of the excavation, as well as of Munakata Shrine and related assets taken by Katayama Setsuzou during the 1st and 2nd stages of the excavation have been long saved by Katayama Photo Studio, and in March of 2019, they were graciously donated to the Kyushu Historical Museum by Katayama Keiko and Representative Director of Katayama Photo Studio Iida Akihito.
In order to pass the excavation related photographs, containing these precious materials, on to future generations, the work of sorting and digitalizing them is underway, and will be published as they become available.
・The first survey of Okinoshima ritual site in 1954 :Photos in the report " Okinoshima ": Photographed by KATAYAMA Setsuzo
・The first survey of Okinoshima ritual site in 1954: Photographed by KATAYAMA Setsuzo
・The third survey of Okinoshima ritual site in 1969-1971

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