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Treasure of Okinoshima

  • Komochi-Magatama
Name Komochi-Magatama (Notched Comma-Shaped) Beads
Classification Talc
Excavated Point Excavated from Site No. 8
Designated Category National Treasure
Era (real era) 6th Century
volume L.9.5, 15.0cm
Description Created by taking a relatively large magatama (comma-shaped bead), and carving multiple smaller magatama and pieces out of the spine, the underside, and the sides. These were produced from about the middle of the 5th century until the 7th century, and are found distributed from the Tohoku region through Kyushu, and even on the southern part of the Korean peninsula. All of them are carved from the relatively pliable rock, steatite. There are many theories about their nature or origin, based on their distinctive shape, but it is thought that they are some sort of mystical ritual implement having to do with hopes for proliferation.