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Cultural Properties of the Munakata Region

  • 色定法師一筆一切経/
Name Buddhist Sutras of Tripitaka Transcribed by Priest Shikijo
Survey year
Storage status
Excavated relics
Age Mabaprajnaparamita-sutra: Transcribed in Kenryaku 3 (1213)/ Saddharmapundarika: Transcribed in Bunji 3 (1187)/ Mabaparinirvana-sutra: Transcribed in Bunji 4 (1188)/ Buddhavatamsaka: Transcribed in Bunji 3 (1187)/ Mabaratnakuta: Transcribed in Bunji 5 (1189)
Description These are a transcription of the complete Buddhist Sutras of Tripitaka, all transcribed by one man: Priest Shikijyo, who belonged to Munakata Shrine at the time of Shinto-Buddhist Syncretism. Taking the name Ryôyû in 1187, he began work on the transcription at 29 years old, and in 1227, having changed his name to Shikijyo, he finished the transcription at the age of 70. Using a woodblock printing of the complete sutras from the Southern Song Dynasty China as his source, this is also evidence of Munakata’s commerce with the Southern Song Dynasty China. Of the more than 5,000 scrolls in the total collection, some 4,300 survive today.
volume / scale / area Mabaprajnaparamita-sutra: H25.0cm
Collection Kosho-ji Temple, in care of Munakata Shrine,
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