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Cultural Properties of the Munakata Region

  • 木造狛犬一対/
Name Pair of Guardian Dogs
Survey year
Storage status
Excavated relics
Age Kamakura or Muromachi Period
Description These pieces are thought to be from somewhere between the Kamakura period through the Muromachi period, but it’s difficult to date their time period. They are made of singular wooden blocks, and the expression of the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth are greatly exaggerated to create a very distinct face. With curled hair that radiates out from the back of the head, some theorize an artistic link to the mask used in Noh plays. The limbs depict burly strength and a tough physique, and they have a simple but grand sense of weight emanating from them. It was once colored, but now most of the paint has peeled away, leaving only some small remnants.
volume / scale / area A H79.7cmUn H72.1cm
Collection Munakata Shrine Collection
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