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Cultural Properties of the Munakata Region

  • 石造狛犬一対/
  • 石造狛犬一対/
Name Pair of Guardian Dogs
Survey year
Storage status
Excavated relics
Age China, 13th Century; Dedicated in Kennin 1 (1201)
Description A pair of guardian dogs, the open-mouthed one holding a baby dog, the closed-mouth one holding a ball, each carved with pedestal from one respective block of limestone, both exquisite works. From the engraving techniques and the appearance of the dogs, it’s thought that these were imported from Southern Song Dynasty China, and they are also viewed as a historical record of commerce between Southern Song Dynasty China and the Munakata Daigûji family in the early half of the Kamakura period. Both figures have the same inscription on their backs that indicates that they were dedicated to Munakata Shrine Tei-san-gu in 1201.
volume / scale / area H.60.0,60.3cm
Collection Munakata Shrine Collection
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