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Cultural Properties of the Munakata Region

  • 八条院庁下文/
Name Letter of Notification from the Hachijyoin
Survey year
Storage status
Excavated relics
Description A document appointing Munakata Ujisane as Daigûji, this is the oldest of all the documents in the property of Munakata Shrine. Hachijyoin was an imperial princess, the daughter of Emperor Toba and Empress Bifuku-mon In, who had inherited her mother’s vast estate which included the Munakata Shrine grounds. By donating the Munakata shrine land to the imperial family as part of its demesne and becoming the administrator of the land himself, the Daigûji of Munakata Shrine solidified his right of actual control over the land.
volume / scale / area 33.1 × 46.1cm
Collection Munakata Shrine Collection
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