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Okinoshima Yohai spot

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Name Mt. Ōmineyama
Classification Okinoshima Island Observation Spot
Address 1238 Watari, Fukutsu-shi, Fukuoka
Overview At the highest point of the Watari Peninsula in Fukutsu city (114 meters), there is Tōgō Shrine, dedicated to TŌGŌ Heihachirō and a neighboring Tōgō Park. At the summit, one can find a Japanese Navy commemorative plaque that decorated the warship Mikasa, and from there one can view the waters off of the Okinoshima Island where the Battle of the Sea of Japan was held (1905).
A casted metal relief of the scene of the Battle of the Sea of Japan was made by the pre-war Yahata Steel Works, and it conveys a sense of the scenery of the Genkai Sea, where you can feel the intersection of modern and ancient history.
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